Endo-Trainer™ is successfully established as an educational concept since many years. It offers extremely realistic hands-on training of endoscopic and surgical procedures on biological, perfused organ systems. Practical skills and learning curves can measurably be improved both individually and as a team. Thus, errors, complications, and lengthy interventions can all be reduced.

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Further Information:

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We are your partner to implement certifiable quality standards and quality management systems compliant with international standards in the surgery of your institution / clinic / office. You will receive targeted support to improve and optimize your tasks. Our focus is on:

  • Concept development, hand-outs for training courses
  • Error- and Improvement-Management
  • Proof of learning success and of surgical performance profile (Score-Card-Endoscopy)
  • Certification according to the international quality standards and specifications of the ECE-Foundation (www.ece-foundation.com)

Practical clinical experience, feedback from numerous Endo-Trainer workshops and active international networking form the optimal basis for innovation, evaluation und development of new instruments and devices. CE-certified endodrive®, an innovation universally applicable in endoscopy, is in clinical use since 2010.

Further Information:

  • Our own product development:
    endodrive® – an innovative device to facilitate colonoscopy

      We are introducing a new development in colonoscopy, endodrive®. This novel instrument allows the endoscopist to examine the colon without himself manually moving the colonoscope. All commercially available colonoscopes can be attached by means of rubber coated driving wheels, and are moved forwards and backwards using a foot-operated switch. Three force limits can be selected, and the actually applied pressure is permanently monitored by a digital scale. For safety reasons driving stops automatically if the preset force level has been reached. For precise targeting during interventions like polypectomy, the speed level can be adjusted to slow motion, as well.

  • Hands-on launch support
    • Double-Balloon Enteroscopy (DBE)

      New techniques and technologies can also be passed on to colleagues in special training courses – as in the introductory courses on double-balloon enteroscopy being given by Prof. C. Ell at the HSK Hospital in Wiesbaden, for example.

    • Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD)

      ESD (Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection) demonstrated by Takashi Toyonaga (Osaka) on the Endo-Trainer Model – evident that trainees shouldn't do it for the first time on a patient.

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